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ODSP Recipients Who Work to Lose $100 per Month

The Ontario government has announced that the Work Related Benefit, which is $100 per month that ODSP recipients who work currently have added to their income, will be stopped in 2015.   They are also making other changes to the current employment-related benefits as they plan to try to get more people with disabilities to work. The ODSP Action Coalition opposes any cuts as long as the current level of income supports remains so inadequate. The paper below outlines our concerns and positions on this issue.


We have also prepared a questionnaire for ODSP recipients who get the Work Related Benefit. We would like to know what kind of work you or your family members do, what barriers you face when working, what the Work-Related Benefit does for you or your family, and what you think you will do when the benefit is eliminated. We will use this information for advocacy efforts with government in the new year, to push back against the elimination of the benefit.  The survey is now closed. You can view the survey results by clicking here: