Earnings & Employment Supports Working Committee

The Coalition’s Earnings & Employment Support Committee (E&ESC) lobbies and monitors provincial income and employment support for ODSP recipients. The committee consists of co-chairs (one ODSP recipient and one service provider), legal clinic staff, Employment Supports providers, community agencies’ representatives and ODSP recipients from across the province.  The E& ES committee usually meets every second month via conference call. In general, we discuss all issues related to ODSP and work, pushing for recipients to be treated fairly within the guidelines of the Ministry of Community & Social Services ( MCSS) and also advocating for improvements .  We have focused on the 50% clawback of earnings, and also developed principles to guide reforms to  employment supports. The co-chairs report to the regular ODSP Coalition meeting on the committee’s work. Occasionally the ODSP Coalition has the opportunity to meet with MCSS officials and political leaders, and E&ESC  representatives are invited for their input .