Resources for Advocacy

2 years 2 months ago This brochure explains the exemption for arts grants received by people on ODSP, discusses other forms of income that artists may receive, and gives tips on dealing with possible problems.  Amounts... more
3 years 1 month ago The ODSP and OW rules have been changed to make grants from councils like the Canada Council, Ontario Arts Council, Toronto Arts Council, other city arts councils or arts foundations, exempt from... more
3 years 4 months ago The ODSP Action Coalition has joined with the Interfaith Social Assistance Reform Committee, the Income Security Advocacy Center and other groups in calling on the Ontario government to add an extra... more
3 years 4 months ago The Coalition has developed our own Facilitator's Guide for groups who wish to hold a meeting about Basic Income in order to send in a submission to government with the views of their community... more
3 years 6 months ago The Ontario government is currently seeking input on the recommendations for a Basic Income Pilot Project made by Hugh Segal. The ODSP Action Coalition and the Income Security Advocacy Centre suggest... more
5 years 2 months ago Starting in December 2014, the ODSP Action Coalition asked people on ODSP who work and get the $100- Work-Related Benefit to answer an eight-question survey. The intent was to get more information... more
5 years 3 months ago The immediate families of people with disabilities not only have extra responsibilities assisting their family member with a disability, they also face extra financial challenges.  The ODSP rules ... more
5 years 4 months ago The Coalition has launched a six month action campaign to mobilize members and supporters to press the government to improve income adequacy for ODSP recipients and their families.  In January, the... more
5 years 4 months ago Our Coalition's pre-budget submission to the Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs this year is simple, with only 2 key points:  Provide adequate incomes for ODSP recipients and their... more
6 years 2 weeks ago This paper compares the maximum ODSP rates paid to people with disabilities, with the average costs for rent, food, telephone and transportation in several different Ontario communities.  It shows... more
6 years 7 months ago This updated lobby Kit and the Key Messages are useful if planning to meet with or write letters to your local Member of Provincial Parliament about the current issues in social assistance reform,... more
6 years 7 months ago The  Public Awareness and Advocacy Committee revised and updated the Coalition's Lobby Kit that had been used in previous years. This MPP Lobby Kit gives practical information on writing letters and... more
6 years 9 months ago Our Coalition Policy Committee has written another short issues paper in our series dealing with social assistance reform issues from the perspective of people with disabilities.  This one discusses... more
6 years 10 months ago The ODSP Action Coalition has produced a series of short papers dealing with key issues for ODSP recipients. These information sheets discuss many of the recommendations from Brighter Prospects, the... more
8 years 1 week ago Community legal clinics provide services to address the unique legal needs of low-income people and communities. The legal areas they may provide help with include Ontario Disability Support Program... more
8 years 1 week ago Use this link to make a complaint to the Ontario Ombudsman.
8 years 2 months ago The Coalition has responded to the latest discussion paper put out by the Commisison for the Review of Social Assistance in Ontario. Our submission, entitled "Positive or Punitive: What Will Reform... more
8 years 7 months ago After meeting with the Commission for the Review of Social Assistance in early July, the ODSP Action Coalition decided we should do a follow-up submission on key issues and questions that emerged... more
8 years 10 months ago On July 6 representatives of the ODSP Action Coalition met with Francis Lankin and Munir Sheikh, the commissioners who are currently reviewing Ontario Works and ODSP.  We gave them highlights from... more