Key Issues in ODSP Reform

The ODSP Action Coalition has produced a series of short papers dealing with key issues for ODSP recipients. These information sheets discuss many of the recommendations from Brighter Prospects, the report of the Commission for the Review of Social Assistance.   We provide the perspective of members of the Coalition on those important issues.  

The Ontario government has not said yet whether they will make the changes proposed in Brighter Prospects.  But they have said that they want to make changes to both Ontario Works and ODSP.  They said they will  consult with people with lived experince and others before making any major changes.  So the Coaliton would like people to be prepared to talk about these issues in all of our communities, with any organizations we belong to and with the government.  We want to be sure that if changes to ODSP and OW are made, people with disabilities should be better off, not worse off.