Coalition Writes to Premier and new Minister for MCSS

The ODSP Action Coalition has written to both Premier Kathleen Wynne, and to the new Minister for Community and Social Services, Ted McMeekin.  Premier Wynne has stated that she wants to be the "Social Justice" premier, and also that she wants to proceed with social assistance reform.  She has appointed Francis Lankin, one of the Commissioners who reviewed social assistance and issued the report "Brighter Prospects",  to the transition team, signalling that the government may proceed with implementing at least some of the recommendations.  Also part of the transition team is Don Drummond, who authored a report on how the government could save money. 

We are not sure whether the new Premier and MCSS Minister are aware of how seriously many of the recommendations in "Brighter Prospects" would hurt people with disabilities.  We have written to them both, outlining some of our concerns and requesting meetings.