Special Diet Changes--2011

All ODSP and OW recipients who receive special diet have been sent new forms to fill out, becuase the government is changing the rules of the program starting April 1, 2011.  The information in the letter from ODSP does NOT tell you all you need to know, in order to protect your rights. They do not tell you what the amounts of money will be given for each medical condition.  They do not explain what will happen if you send in your form right away, or if you wait until July, 2011.  in many cases it is better to wait until July, because you could lose money if you send it in earlier.  People should read the information linked below, which explains the rules and includes a chart of the amounts paid for all medical conditons that are covered.  Take that chart to see your health professional to discuss what conditions you have.

Special Diet Allowance: What You Should Know by the Income Security Advocacy Centre