Policy and Research Committee

The mandate of the Policy/Research Committee (PRC) is to research current issues related to ODSP law, policy and reform proposals, to recommend positions on key issues to the Steering Committee and general membership, and to produce letters, submissions or information papers that the Coalition can use in its advocacy work.

Our committee always keeps the adequacy of income for people with disabilities as the number one concern. Therefore, any changes to benefits or new programs must be judged by whether they lift people out of poverty or not. We endevour to assemble and provide analyses to our membership and the broader community on an ongoing basis as policy decisions are being considered and  made by the government of the day.

Policy Committee meetings are held by phone and in person on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, from 2:00 to 4:00 pm.

To be added to the PRC committee email list, please contact the current recipient co-chair, Patricia Smiley (smileypatricia76@gmail.com).